WASH AI - Country Focus



The goal of this initiative is to introduce a country-specific focus to WASH AI, an online platform providing AI-assisted knowledge sharing in the water, sanitation & hygiene sector. By segmenting and augmenting our extensive knowledge base and services by country, we aim to offer tailored insights, facilitate better information access at country-level, improve coordination efforts and strengthen local knowledge systems.


While WASH AI’s global platform provides extensive and broad knowledge, we recognize the importance of localized information. The geopolitical lens may limit cross-contextual learning, but understanding the unique challenges and achievements within individual countries can offer valuable insights. This country focus will help identify gaps in data and information, align with local government and organizational initiatives, and ultimately enhance the platform’s utility for addressing specific local challenges and improving coordination efforts.

Work streams

  1. Country focus channels

    Build a dedicated country section on the web app and provide country level WhatsApp bots to interact with.

  2. Curating and augmentingkKnowledge:

    Aim: To deepen the country-specific content available.

    Actions: Identify and incorporate valuable yet underrepresented information related to WASH efforts within specific countries, including unpublished research, local case studies, and initiatives by individuals and organizations active in the sector.

  3. Language accessibility:

    Aim: To make resources accessible to a broader audience by overcoming language barriers.

    Actions: Gather resources in local languages and employ novel machine translation to translate existing and new content, making it more broadly accessible.

  4. Local collaboration:

    Aim: To engage with individuals and organizations actively working in the water and sanitation sector within each country.

    Actions: Identify and connect with local actors, including non-profits, governmental bodies, and community organizations, to enrich the platform’s knowledge base and ensure its relevance to the country’s needs.

  5. Feedback systems:

    Aim: To refine and align WASH AI’s content with the needs and realities of each focus country.

    Actions: Implement feedback mechanisms involving local actors, national organizations, and governments to guide the platform’s content strategy, ensuring it supports informed decision-making and addresses common misconceptions and challenges specific to each region.

  6. Priority country list:

    Still to be determined.

Call to action

Individuals and organizations

We are actively seeking collaboration with local and national governments, organizations, and individuals who share our commitment to improving WASH information and knowledge at country-level. If you are based in one of our focus countries and are looking to make a difference in this sector, please reach out to us. Your insights and contributions could greatly enhance the effectiveness of our platform.


Additionally, we welcome interest from funders focused on localization and specific countries looking to support this initiative. Your support can help us expand our reach and impact in providing locally-led knowledge management and information sharing.


If you are interested in this initiative, reach out to:

Olivier Mills | olivier@baobabtech.ai